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Rock Solid Retaining Walls & Landscaping

We are an authentic design and build landscape company that will work with you from start to completion on your project.


Our goal is to be a well-respected, highly recommended, and creative landscaping company in the Rochester, MN area for years to come.

Our Focus is to be happy, live happy, and have happy customers.  If this happens everything else will fall into place on its own.

We are a team.

  • We are experts in retaining walls, plantings, landscaping, pavers, and lighting.

  • We pride ourselves on designing and installing landscapes that provide creative solutions to your landscaping needs.

  • We are a small business with hard working employees that work together seamlessly as a team to deliver stunning results and never compromise our standards. 

  • We understand that treating people and their property the way that we want to be treated ourselves, is the only way to be successful.

  • We know that we have a reputation that follows us wherever we go, so we invest in it and protect it.

  • We are committed to improving our outdoor world while reducing our footprint on the existing environment.

  • We do not want you to hire us if we are not the right fit for you or your project.   If we are....  Hire us.  Trust us.  Talk about us. 


Rock Solid Retaining walls & Landscaping Crew Photo
Rock Solid Retaining walls & Landscaping Crew Photo
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