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Minnesota residents are already familiar with the peculiar nature of our winter season. With an estimated average annual snowfall of 48 inches in Rochester, significant snow accumulation occurs, and residents are usually on the lookout for snow emergency alerts. During winter, many cars are towed because roads are blocked by large snow deposits.

Don’t worry we’re here to help. Rock Solid offers snow removal services for businesses in the Rochester and surrounding areas such as: Oronoco, Byron, Pine Island, and more. Here are some of the highlights of the services we offer.

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Residential Snow Removal

Our driveway clearing service is fast, efficient and cost effective. The members of our crew have been thoroughly trained to handle the snow plow, blowers, brushes and shovels with professional precision. Thus, your driveway will be kept clean and safe during the winter months.

Snow removal is a strenuous task for most Minnesota residents, especially at the peak of winter. Operating noisy snow blowers, chipping ice, and clearing snow with shovels is a tedious job with attendant health risks. That is why instead of struggling to keep all the parts of your residential property free of snow, Rochester residents use our professional residential snow removal services which include driveways and sidewalk snow removal.

Snow Removal from Office Parking Lots

If you need to clear up snow from your office parking lots, we can help you take out the snow using our haulage facilities. Whether you need to clean up a parking ramp, or a large parking lot at a shopping mall, restaurant or retail store, we will satisfy your needs. In addition, we offer a de-icing service to make the parking lot clean and safe for both motorists and pedestrians. With our fleet of trucks that can accommodate several high volume snow buckets, we guarantee quick and efficient snow removal.

Commercial Snow Removal

Taking off the snow and ice from the surroundings of a commercial property will help to prevent accidents and minimize your liability. Through our efficient service, you can keep the entire property safe during winter. Our prices are fair, affordable and competitive. All members of our commercial snow removal crew have the skills and equipment required to handle snow removal in all types of commercial properties such as:

  •  Office buildings and strip malls
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Personal businesses
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment buildings
  • and many more.

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