Here we are again knocking at the door of the Fourth of July. Hard to believe. I really don't want to be standing at this door. I'd much rather it still be May and we're just getting started with our landscaping season. Because as I stand here on July 3rd, that's how it feels. Like we've barely gotten started for the year. We usually are ready for a break by now, and look forward to a long weekend. But it's like we've been robbed by Mother Nature of our spring. She left us wet for far too long, and set us down on the doorstep of the fourth of July like an unwanted child. (That sounds horrible… But it was fun to write. like venting a little.) But she's not all bad. Lets look on the bright side. Its going to be a beautiful Fourth of July!! And Mother Nature gives us great plants like the Blue Muffin Viburnum.
This is a great shrub for Independence Day because it has red, white, and blue all on the same plant. Not in that order. But it's still impressive and perfect for a 4th of July blog. The Blue Muffin is a deciduous shrub that will grow to 5'-7' tall and wide. It's easy to grow and requires no maintenance. Suitable in full sun or part shade, this shrub has interest all through the growing season. It starts with bright white flower clusters that contrast nicely with the glossy green leaves from early to mid-summer. By late summer, intense blue berries appear and attract birds to your garden or landscape. The leaves turn red in the fall with hints of yellow.

If you have the space and need for a Blue Muffin Viburnum, its a good choice and you won't be disappointed. They perform great in a wide variety of conditions because they're a native shrub and also deer resistant. So, they'll attract birds but not deer… How can you go wrong? If any one wants to try one out, let me know and I'll give you a discounted price just for reading my blog.
Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July!