We are going to look at a nice mid-summer blooming perennial, that once established requires very little watering. I'll be honest, I have never planted one of these before, but as I came across it recently, I wondered why not. I've been aware of this perennial but over-looked it for what I thought were better varieties. But when I stop to take a closer look, this might just be the perennial I've been looking for all along. Lets learn something together.

Red Riding Hood Penstemon has an upright form and long bloom time making it a great addition to your landscape (i feel like I say this about every perennial I recommend here). It grows to 18″ tall and 24″ wide. I feel its best used as a mid level planting, not in front and not behind. Some recommend it be used as a border, but I feel it's better suited just behind your border plants to add a little height and airy color before your backdrop plants. Thats where i would use it. Thick clumps of glossy green foliage form the base for the bright red flower spikes to protrude upwards from.

This perennial will withstand periods of dry or drought and likes to be in full sun but with tolerate light shade. The flowers are excellent for cutting and look good next to lavender or yellow colors. Hummingbirds and butterflies also like the trumpet shaped flowers so you'll get some extra visitors to your garden.

Really what's not to love about this perennial. It is a wildflower so its form is a little looser than some, but not a wild as others. It will even do well in clay or sandy soils! Sold!!

Since I haven't used this perennial yet and I really want to, the first person to email me and mention this post will get 3 Red Riding Hood Penstemon for FREE installed in there landscape. Don't be shy, someone's gonna get 'em… It might as well be you!