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Red, White, and Blue Muffin Viburnum

Here we are again knocking at the door of the Fourth of July. Hard to believe. I really don't want to be standing at this door. I'd much rather it still be May and we're just getting started with our landscaping season. Because as I stand here on July 3rd, […]

Molina Skyracer

Molina Skyracer is a perennial grass that is easy to grow, has a cool name, and is deserving of a spot in your landscape. This tall wonder tops out at 7' to 8' and is a great vertical accent or privacy screen. It easily grows […]

Rockin Weeds (A Discussion About Rock and Weeds)

So, you put down a fabric weed barrier in your planting beds and work hard for a few weekends moving landscape rock around in wheel barrows. Looks good! Job well done!! Glad you don't have to that again, right?!

Fast forward a couple […]

A Good Design

What is the one answer to all of these questions…

What makes some projects successful while others seem nice?

How do you get that “wow” factor from your landscape?

How come some landscapes feel like all of the different factors fit seamlessly together?

How will I know what my project will look like in the end?

If I […]

Is Bigger Better?

When choosing the right shrub for your landscape, not only are there different varieties with different eventual sizes, but there are also different sizes just to begin with. Let me clarify… I'm not talking about large shrubs, I'm talking about shrubs in large containers. Picture yourself standing at your […]

Think About Rain Barrels

Did you know that the average roof (1,000sf) will collect 315gal of water in a half-inch rain?? Think about that… The average 10 min shower uses up to 50gal of water! So, with a half-inch of rain you could take 6 showers…. Ok, the point here […]

An Alpaca Poo’d In My Garden

If you go out to your garden and this is what you see staring back at you, what are you gonna do? They probably poo'd all over, right? (And ate your plants?) Well it turns out, as long as they don't eat your plants, this might just be the best […]

Large Shrub Small Tree.

Which is it, a large shrub or a small tree? Well, technically it's both. Pictured is the Amur Maple, and depending on who you ask, you'll get both answers. There are certain varieties that blend the lines between shrub and tree and sometimes get forgotten because they can be difficult […]

Joe-Pye Weed

JOE-PYE WEED has a funny name. It's not a daffodil or daylilly, or even a rhododendron (which rolls off your tongue). It's the Joe-Pye Weed. Think about it… when you hear that name does it scream “beautiful-butterfly-attracting-flower”?? Nope. This perennial doesn't get used as often as […]

The Declaration Lilac

If this doean't get you thinking about spring, I don't know what will! Lilacs are a staple of spring time, and for me, bring back memories of being a kid and running through the neighbors hedge of full grown lilac bushes. Which I'm sure got me in trouble a few times. […]